Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Note to learn and online quran recitation

Its Easy
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Doing Quran recitation is the religious duty of every Muslim. In saheed Sunnah, it is encouraged to do the recitation of Quran in a melodious voice by the holy Quran reciter by making the voice more melodious and interesting. Reading quran online and Making it melodious does not mean that it should be made more in singing tone but once should at least recite and read quranic Arabic in a good tone so that he/she himself feels good while listening to it and others also feel good while listening to quran. and plz do spread the true knowledge as much as you and Allah knows best listen quran online of the top online quran reciter with English and Urdu translation for quran teacher live.


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  2. I read your blog I want shia Quran online.Please tell me if you are offering shia Quran Academy.

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