Saturday, 10 December 2011

Chechnya:The Forgotten Muslims

"We feel forgotten..."

Muslims in Chechnya suffer from  terrorism and oppression just as much as Muslims from other lands do. Yet very little is mentioned about our Chechen brothers and sisters. They experience severe torture as the world is completely silent. The majority of the world knows very little-if any- of their daily trifles. So, it is our duty to reveal the true, ruthless side of Russia and the great adversity that our Chechen Muslims experience every day. Then, we must make an effort to put an end to this injustice, as well as others inflicted upon Muslims.

"They are very cold...winter is not there yet but is fast approaching. They live in tents surrounded by mud, and their blankets and clothes are frequently soaked in rainwater. Many have complained of unexplained arrests and torture by Russian soldiers..."
-October 3rd 2000, BBC aired a report on Chechen refugees.

"Russian forces in Chechnya arbitrarily detain, torture, and kill civilians in a climate of lawlessness."
-Human Rights Watch

Our Chechen Brothers and Sisters say, "We feel forgotten..."

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