Thursday, 24 May 2012

Afgani Women in jeopardy even after Taliban’s demise

The statements of an international women’s rights group seem true; the condition of Afghani women is not satisfactory even after the fall of Taliban. In 2001 when Taliban trembled, the women were hoping of an independent and pleasant life, but it is still a dream for them. The Afghani women is still hiding their terror filled eyes behind veil, there is not much change in there lives. For them Taliban is still there in the form of discrimination, violence and harassment. The reports clear that laws are only on the papers, but in real life there rights does not mean anything for them. Still the Afghani women are not safe, there is no feeling of safety, self respect and dignity, therefore the issue like political rights and equality are too far. Since two years, the graph of self-immolation and suicides had increased. Child marriages are common amongst them. About 60% of girls are forced to get married before the legal age of 16. In Afghanistan’s assembly, women are � in number, though they have to face harassment even in parliament. The originations or individual standing to safeguard the rights of women are not even safe. To overcome the critical condition of Afghani women, the basic changes have to be made, the stiffness have to be provided, especially in the field of education. Secondly, the extremists should not be allowed to harass woman on the basis of Islam. The rights mentioned by the Constitution of Afghanistan should be applied. It is definite that, there should be change in society; otherwise it is difficult to upgrade the condition of women. The religious leaders have to understand the real meaning of Islam. They should try to understand that Islam teaches mercy and forgiveness and not violence. Via: BBC

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