Thursday, 24 May 2012

First Saudi women architect gets license to kick start her engineering firm

Women in Saudi Arabia, off late, are creating a niche amidst the watchdogs, and trying their hands in different fields and have largely met with success in their endeavor. In the kingdom of Riyadh, Azah Al-Deghather has revolutionized the Engineering Industry by becoming the first Saudi woman architect, who has obtained her license for opening up an engineering firm on her own. Azah got the approval from the Saudi Engineering Association to launch her private firm and this has paved the way for the rest of her fellow sisters who are qualified as an architect and waiting for their chance. According to Adel Al-Moselli, who is the current head of Professional Affairs at the Association said, there are two women who have applied for the license, and in the coming days, he is expecting more numbers. Saudi women architects are as professional and competent as their male counterpart is and the Business Community of Saudi Arabia has full confidence in the women professionals as well. Via: ZAWYA

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