Thursday, 24 May 2012

Muslim woman locked up for three years for opposing husdand’s second marriage

Men in Islam are allowed to have more than one wife and this is prevalent not only in the Middle East countries but in India too – the land of Democracy. Paradoxically, despite the constitution of India bestowing the citizen to assert their right to freedom, women in the Muslim community still suffers from the biased laws of the Islamic religion. A recent case of a Muslim woman locked up in a room without any ventilation and toilet for long three years, should open up the eyes of the Indian government and it’s so called political leaders who are busy making big-time speech but no action at all. In a suburb area of Hyderabad, a man confined his wife in a room for three years and made her drink her own urine because she refused to grant him permission from getting married to another woman. The criminal in question is Mohammed Shadulla, who works as a foreman construction. He tied his wife Asha Begum in chain, forced her into a dark room, and ultimately carried on his wishes. However, by luck, one day he forgot to close the door and Asha escaped. The police have arrested the culprit. The point here is that the religious leaders instead of preaching should at least for once get into their senses and see what the cultural practices are doing to the Muslim women community. Via: IOL

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