Monday, 17 October 2011

Allah's Quran - Authenticity Of The Quran


"We have revealed to you (O Muhammad) the Reminder (i.e. the Quran) and
we have made you the one to explain it".

[Noble Quran 16:44]

So the explanation of the Quranic text is given exclusively to Muhammad (peace
be upon him) and things were not left there. The Quran also explains: "Whoever
contends with the Messenger and chooses a path other than the path of the
believers, then Allah will leave them in the path they have chosen and land
them in Hell what an evil refuge!" What is this path of the believers? The
Prophet (peace be upon him) explained: "That to which I and my companions
are upon". The Prophet (peace be upon him) furthermore told the Muslims to
cling to his way and the way of the rightly-guided successors. These successors
have transmitted the knowledge and the way from generation-to-generation until
this day, just as the Prophet (peace be upon him) said they would: "There
will always be a group among this Ummah (nation of believers), firm upon the
truth, unharmed in their faith by those that oppose them". It is exactly this
type of comprehensiveness that makes Islam so frustrating to its critics and
so convincing to its adherents, and this comprehensiveness extends through
all the various aspects of Islam and its disciplines. The claim of Islam to
be based on the certainty that it is from the All-Knowing Creator is no mere
claim, but it is rather a claim backed by powerful evidence. Powerful enough
for its adherents to prefer it over that offered by the Modern Word!

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